Five Ways to Protect Your Jewelry Collection

When you think about protecting your assets, how often is your jewelry collection the first thing you think about? To be sure, many of the items in your jewelry collection have sentimental bands, engagement rings...these are items that you cannot imagine going a day without. Even if you don’t wear them on a regular basis, sometimes just knowing that they’re safe at home in that special spot is enough to get you through the day. That said you’ve probably given some thought to Read more [...]

5 Celebs Who Make Sunglasses Look Cool

Fashions come and go and the trends of contemporary design are in one week and out the next. As consumers it’s impossible to keep abreast of what’s hot and what’s not. Oh yes, fashion’s a fickle thing. But if one fashion appendage has consistently epitomised an enduring legacy of chic, style and occasional uber coolness, it’s a pair of sunglasses. Worn by models, film stars, footballers, politicians, pop stars and, erm, John Prescott, people in the public eye have all tried to add Read more [...]

Vintage Jewels

Old school jewellery and vintage style is very much in fashion at the moment, not that these classic looks every really left the fashion scene. More and more brides are opting for a vintage inspired day, thanks to ‘Downton Abby’ and ‘Mad Men’ setting our screens alight with 40s fashion and historic 20s gowns. Online jewellery haven Glitzy Secrets have seen a huge increase in brides wanting 20s and 40s style pieces for their big day. So if you love all things vintage, here are a few Read more [...]

Why Women are In-love with Shoes?

Women are truly shoe lovers and it was proven long time ago. There are a lot of stories from the past that relates to shoes. On of the famous stories we all know is Cinderella. There is this shinning glass shoe that all princesses and even wives wanted to fit in. Also, there is this true to life story from the past certain Philippines Presidential wife of the 70’s has an immense collection of shoes. Most of her shoes are one of a kind and are made only for her. Some of her shoe collections Read more [...]