Desert Oasis: The Appeal of Dubai

Dubai has earned a reputation for being cosmopolitan, safe and very modern. Truly a 21st century destination.

Places to stay in Dubai

Dubai attracts a large number of tourists, and as such, new hotels and resorts are being built all the time. There is a good choice of accommodation, from self-catering apartments to hotels and luxury resorts. So whether you are looking for opulence or something rather more basic, there will be something for you.

Things to do and see

There are a large variety of places to visit in Dubai and whatever your interests, you won’t be disappointed by the many different activities on offer.

Why not take a helicopter tour and experience some of the sights from an entirely different perspective, including the impressive skyline, beaches and some of the many famous landmarks, such as the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountain.

Also on offer is the desert safari. This entails an evening ride out into the Arabian Desert, followed by a barbecue and belly dancing show.

Another way to see the city of Dubai is to take a cruise in a wooden dhow. Complete with a buffet and soft drinks, the trip along the Dubai creek and past many of the major attractions and landmarks makes for a real mix of 21st century sophistication and traditional simplicity.

Other activities range from swimming with dolphins and ocean diving, to desert skiing, shopping and salsa dancing. There are several parks and heritage sites to explore too.


By car or taxi

Dubai has a very efficient network of roads which are well maintained and clearly signposted. It is possible for visitors over the age of 21 years, with international licences, to hire cars. Probably the most convenient way to travel, however, is by taxi, which are readily available.

By bus

There is a fairly good bus system in Dubai, which is a very cost effective way of getting around Dubai. Sightseeing bus tours run across the city, or for something a little different, visitors can catch an amphibious vehicle to explore both on land and via the creek.