New Uses for Old Jewelry

As you have read in previous articles, it’s very important to keep your jewelry clean and in good, wearable order. That being said, sometimes accidents happen and your jewelry is damaged beyond repair. How can you salvage your investment and save a favorite from the trash bin?

New Uses for Old JewelryWhat’s Old is New (Jewelry)

The simplest way to repurpose old jewelry is by using a pair of needle nose or round tip pliers to remove the clasp from one necklace and reattach it to another. You can string together two or three bracelets to make a longer necklace or even a belt as well. Consider combing a sterling silver bracelet, a pearl bracelet, and a broken bead necklace to make a really cool statement necklace. Even consider adding an old ring as a connector piece between two necklaces – it’s unexpected and totally unique. Don’t feel as if you have to make a new necklace, either – one broken necklace can make several bracelets or pairs of dangly earrings.

Think Inside the Box

It’s not what you think – consider using some of your old stuff or discount jewelry to decorate a new jewelry box. Use only costume jewelry for this craft, as you will need to glue the beads and chains to a solid wooden box, and the glue will undoubtedly ruin your jewelry pieces.

Frame It

You can use some of your old pieces or things you’ve picked up at jewelry sales to decorate a new or old picture frame, but just be tasteful. One or two brooches on a frame or one necklace attached to the perimeter of a frame is probably all you need to make a beautiful photo really stand out. You should also consider putting some of your broken jewelry pieces in a frame – imagine seeing your grandma’s wedding necklace and earrings framed in a beautiful shadow box. You can literally turn your jewelry into art. The best part is that you get to appreciate the jewelry every day, even if it’s not wearable or is too valuable to wear any more.

Brooch the Subject of Weddings

If you want to go with a classic piece of jewelry check out Majestical an online jewelry store with a lot of wedding jewelry. If you decide to take a more creative approach, one awesome old fashion jewelry idea is to make a wedding bouquet out of old brooches. You have seen them in all the wedding magazines, but making your own is actually very simple. There are two methods to making a brooch bouquet: wired or foamed. To make a wired bouquet, you take your brooches and, with floral wire, wrap the clasp securely and then create a “stem” of about 12 inches. Twist this wire stem and wrap in floral tape. After you have wired and taped all of your brooches, hold them together as you would a real bouquet and wrap the handle with ribbon. The second, and easier, method is to use Styrofoam. For this technique, you simply need a round ball of firm foam. Spray paint it silver. Open the clasps on the brooches or earrings and push your brooches into the form in an even pattern. Use straight pins for extra hold. Push in a medium wooden towel with a little glue. Wrap the towel with tulle or ribbon and you’re done!