Skinny Jeans for Cold Weather

When it comes to cold weather, you may find that you are giving your skinny jeans a bit of a skeptical look. These jeans look fantastic with fall fashions, and no one doubts that they are wonderful with a lacy spring camisole, but what should you do when those winter winds start howling? The truth is that these jeans can be worn throughout all but the coldest days, and you can even look stylish while doing so!

Skinny Jeans for Cold WeatherStart with the right shoes. These jeans do not allow you to tuck your boots underneath, so show off your style by tucking the jeans into the tops of your boots. We’re seeing a lot of shearling boots being worn with these jeans, but let your imagination go. If you have some shiny black riding boots, they are also perfect for this look. Make sure that there is a lot of contrast between your jeans and your boots, and you’ll be in a fantastic place to make a fashion statement.

If you are out for a casual day with your friends, and the weather is not so terribly cold, remember that you can do quite well by wearing a thermal shirt with a down vest over your skinny jeans. This is a perfect look when you are out having fun, but if you are attending a slightly less casual function, dress it up with wool pea coat or even a long duster. This adds just a bit of country appeal to your urban elegance.

The right pair of skinny jeans can make a huge difference to your winter wardrobe, but remember that you definitely want to make sure that you stay warm. Another layer underneath your jeans adds some insulation, so consider tights and stockings as well.

Stay warm and stylish this winter as you pair your favorite jeans with some cold weather gear.