Be A Princess At Your Best Friend’s Wedding

It is time we tackle the most important concern on your mind: what to wear for your best friend’s wedding. Even though weddings might not be your forte when it comes to dressing up, you still need to make your best appearance to honor her and the groom. It will only fit right in the picture if you walk through those doors looking like a princess: the aim here is not to look better than the bride, but to stand out and look like the best friend making a statement of joy. How exactly will you Read more [...]

Choosing Training Shoes and the Wave Enigma

If you’re a keen runner professional or amateur or even just beginning, then it is essential to have the right running shoes. You want them to look fantastic, fit well and most importantly support you properly as you run. Beginner Tips Many people when they first start running will just buy the cheapest pair of trainers they can find, unfortunately the ‘they’ll do’ attitude can be damaging to your health and posture. So what can you do? In all honesty you might not even enjoy running Read more [...]