Why do many cross-dressers prefer to wear silicone breast forms?

Obviously if you have a small or flat breast, it will be very unappealing to men. If you are a true cross dresser and want to choose a unique cross dressing style to attract men, then wear breast forms. This includes a wide variety of shapes when we are talking about cross dresser breast forms. Most cross dressers are aware of different styles which are currently available on the market. But are you aware of most prolific benefits of silicone breasts? Why do transgendered people wish to wear these Read more [...]

The Care And Maintenance Of Your Jewelry Is Easier Than You Think

When we are young, we purchase our jewelry according to our tastes and because it looks so beautiful. We also purchase jewelry for traditional reasons such as wedding and later, anniversaries. Later in life, we think of our jewelry as items of love that we will be passing down to our heirs. Unfortunately, a lot of our jewelry is not designed to last forever without proper care and most of us do not know how to care for it. If you have jewelry, you already know how hard it is to keep it clean Read more [...]

Be A Princess At Your Best Friend’s Wedding

It is time we tackle the most important concern on your mind: what to wear for your best friend’s wedding. Even though weddings might not be your forte when it comes to dressing up, you still need to make your best appearance to honor her and the groom. It will only fit right in the picture if you walk through those doors looking like a princess: the aim here is not to look better than the bride, but to stand out and look like the best friend making a statement of joy. How exactly will you Read more [...]

How to Keep a Games Room Looking Elegant

The sitting room in your house may also double up as a games room these days, as the main hub of the home, it has been the Holy Grail for any new electronic gadget or innovative pieces of technology for years now. After a long day at work or school, the sitting room or games room is the one place that we retreat to in order to spend hours watching TV or playing games on the multiple gaming devices that are scattered across the floor. With so many devices and gadgets around the room, you may Read more [...]

Go for Gold This Season

Gold is a key colour this SS13 season, but it can be all too easy to get it wrong or choose the wrong shades. Here are a few hot gold picks that are sure to add some smoking, on trend style to your outfit in a sophisticated way. Accessories Watches are a great way to add some designer on trend style to any and every outfit, and it’s also a quick and easy way to introduce that must have shade of gold to any outfit effortlessly. The MK5055 watch from renowned designer Michael Kors at The Watch Read more [...]

Fashion And Trend Changes Take Place With Cloths Of Different Design

Keeping A Pace With Changing Fashion Is Possible  For those who find themselves to be left behind from the fashion and trend of these days have a good news. The news is that the fashion changes do not happen without a reason. Usually the change in fashion takes place with the introduction of new cloths to the market. This is not for women alone, it is also seen in the case of men who always need to wear thos boring pair of pants and shirts. But with the new forms of jeans even men are happy as Read more [...]

Your Guide to Choosing Clothes for the Countryside

Buying clothes for a weekend getaway to the countryside does not have to be stressful. Sometimes the avalanche of offers coming from reputable brands makes your task a bit more difficult than you expected. It’s always good to try a new approach when it comes to choosing clothes. However, if you take into consideration that you need something comfortable and durable, the traditional way proves to be a better option in this case. This article aims to ease you into finding the right gear to enjoy Read more [...]

Sleepwear That Won’t Put Your Man to Sleep: Four Fashion-Friendly Bedtime Duds

Whether you’re starting to get serious with your significant other or you just want to look cute for a solo sleep session, a sleepwear makeover may be in order. According to Esquire Magazine, 44 percent of Americans go to bed wearing nothing but a smile– and I’d bet most of the remaining survey respondents are clad in oversized, five-year-old college t-shirts and equally aged underwear. If you want to put the “queen” in queen-size bed, here are four stylish alternatives to those coffee-stained, Read more [...]