Mascara and Sunglasses: Two Ways to Protect Your Eyes from Ocular Disease

Ocular diseases and infections can give a lot of trouble to women and there are enough documented cases regarding contracting such problems apparently out of nowhere. There are also some peculiar situations of women reporting eye infections due to eye-liners or make-up, and making sure to use only high quality and fresh products especially in the eye area is only logical. Rumors about mascara containing cadmium, eye-liner containing arsenic and lipstick containing led are not new and there are Read more [...]

Headphones: One Of The Best Fashion Accessory You’ll Ever Purchase

When it comes to how we listen to music we all have different preferences. If you're looking for distortion-free bass when it comes to headphones, then you should also be looking for sound quality that's good overall. Sound Quality To identify bins that offer a good, all-round listening experience there should be clarity and precision regarding the mid to high frequency ranges - as well as a thumping bass sound. It's never a great listening experience if the bass is so dominant that the vocals Read more [...]

Plus Size Jackets And Coats To Dress Up In Style

In choosing costumes, women are more concerned than men. In fact, they are more stylish than men too. Now there is a change in the situation. Yes, both men and women started giving much importance to fashion and trends. Most people are updated with latest fashion and to a great extent many try to follow it. If at all you are in need of stylish output you have plenty of options nowadays. Most of the top and leading brands are now offering various styles and patterns of dress for the people that will Read more [...]

Your Guide to Choosing Clothes for the Countryside

Buying clothes for a weekend getaway to the countryside does not have to be stressful. Sometimes the avalanche of offers coming from reputable brands makes your task a bit more difficult than you expected. It’s always good to try a new approach when it comes to choosing clothes. However, if you take into consideration that you need something comfortable and durable, the traditional way proves to be a better option in this case. This article aims to ease you into finding the right gear to enjoy Read more [...]

Why Women are In-love with Shoes?

Women are truly shoe lovers and it was proven long time ago. There are a lot of stories from the past that relates to shoes. On of the famous stories we all know is Cinderella. There is this shinning glass shoe that all princesses and even wives wanted to fit in. Also, there is this true to life story from the past certain Philippines Presidential wife of the 70’s has an immense collection of shoes. Most of her shoes are one of a kind and are made only for her. Some of her shoe collections Read more [...]