The Art of Gifting: 10 Occasions to Show Off Your Gifting Prowess

Shopping + giving = gifting. Everyone loves shopping. No, you may say. “My boyfriend hates shopping.” While this may seem true, it’s not. If you don’t like shopping, it’s merely because you haven’t yet found what you like shopping for. Your boyfriend, the one who hates shopping, probably loves browsing the App Store for the latest version of Clash of Clans. You get the idea.


Let’s face it. Unless you’re Scrooge incarnate, you like giving. Giving feels good. So let’s get into this gifting business with the following 11 spot-on reasons:


1. Just Because


Did you find a wild pair of 5” heels that you would never wear? But that you want really wish someone would wear? Gift them to a best friend, just because.


2. Anniversary


This is a biggie. You would do well to remember this milestone event. A whole ‘nother year of getting along, choosing to see past differences, making memories, and discovering life at its best.


Be it your 1st or 50th, every anniversary deserves due celebration and an equally stellar gift. Do not know what to get or want a little inspiration? The experts over at Frost have you covered when it comes to classy and stylish jewelry pieces.


3. Expressing Your Like or Love


Nothing says like or love more than a well thought out gift. It does not have to be pricey. Your first gift to the object of your affection should not be expensive. Rather it should be meaningful—something that says “I like what I know about you and I want to know more.”


4. Born Days


You never get too old for birthdays, gifts, and birthday gifts. Granted, we all get a little choosier as the birthdays go by. But, you can’t go wrong with remembering someone’s special day with a card and heartfelt gift.


5. Appreciation and Admiration


We all need appreciation. And often, it does not hurt to give a gift to show just how much we appreciate someone. Teachers, secretaries, mail men, and baby sitters want to know they matter. And did you know that appreciation often results in improved performance?


6. House Warming


Here’s some amazing shopaholic advice. Next time you’re on Pinterest and find something stunning that you’d love to have, go on and buy it. It may not match your current color scheme; it may not fit in your home. But, it will make a fine house warming gift for that cousin who recently moved in nearby.


7. First Job, New Job, or Promotion


When a friend is exceptional, get them a gift that says so. Either they tediously worked their way to that promotion or they dazzled their way in from the get go. That deserves praise and recognition.


8. Graduation


Ah, the sweet feeling of success and relief! There’s nothing quite like it. Be the one to put the cherry on top with an all-out gift. You’re celebrating a whole slew of events, good days and bad days, learning and failing. Your gift will be just the thing to push them on to greater successes.


9. “I’m sorry. I did bad.”


Mistakes, we all make them. It can be anything from an off remark to driving over your neighbor’s cherished flower beds. Show you’re big enough to see where you went wrong with a simple gift. Oftentimes you are not even saying you did wrong. You are sorry that they were hurt and you understand that they are hurting.


10. Kindling and Rekindling Relationships


Staying in touch is so tough these days. Sure, you see them on Facebook hourly. But actually staying in sync is not at all easy. Don’t let that be your excuse. Get out and get a gift for that friend you’ve been meaning to meet up with. Meet up to give them the gift. There. You are reconnected.