The Great Staples of a Gentleman’s Closet

Whether you’re building a wardrobe from scratch or just looking for better clothes to go with a promotion, it’s easier than you’d think to dress like a gentleman. You just need dedication, a little capital and a few good basics that will serve as the foundation for a growing closet. Here are a few essentials for the well-dressed male.

cat walk lookKhakis

Every man’s wardrobe should start with a pair of khakis. Not only can they turn any outfit into one of sophistication and style, but their comfortable, breathable material means they’re great for everyday wear. You can look good seven days a week!


A must-have for sunny weather, polo shirts are comfortable enough for casual settings yet formal enough to make a good impression no matter what the occasion. You don’t have to be a golf player to appreciate their versatility and amazing array of colors.


A nice blazer tells the world that you’re a snappy dresser who cares about his appearance. Just make sure you invest in a well-manufactured one or the effect will be ruined! You can’t go cheap with blazers, so consider buying your mens dress clothes from Peter Millar or other high-quality retailers.


You never know when you’ll need a tie, so make sure your closet is well-stocked with ties that can fulfill a variety of social obligations. A black tie, for example, is essential for everything from weddings to funerals, while a sedate blue tie can see use in business meetings and cocktail parties.