Top Bridesmaid Colors

When planning the theme or color scheme of your wedding, there is a lot to take into account – flowers, centerpieces, and most importantly, bridesmaids’ dresses.  Choosing the best color and style that will not only fit into the décor of your wedding but will also flatter everyone in your bridal party can be quite a challenge.  Here are some of the top trends of 2013 and new trends of 2014 that can help guide you to a style and shade that will please all of your lovely bridesmaids and giving one less thing to worry about when planning your big day.


Bridesmaid ColorsThis pale shade of green is one of the top colors of the year, and is perfect for a spring, outdoor wedding – especially in a garden setting. Play up the blue undertones of this fresh hue by combining it with silver jewelry or shoes for an irrespirable look.


CoralMake your bridal party pop with this bright and warm summery shade.  This color is great for any skin tone, and will add feminine vibrancy to your aesthetic.


EmeraldThis gorgeous shade of green has won the title of the color of 2013, and it continues to wow the wedding world with its royal demeanor with hints of earthiness. Play up the cooler undertones when choosing the garment in order to avoid the shade as coming across as a bit yellowish, an unflattering look against many skin tones.



From pale lavender to rich and dark eggplant, purple is one of the top choices in color for weddings.  A darker shade would look great on any skin tone, and is suitable for any time of year.  For spring weddings, lavender is most appropriate – especially for a garden wedding.


BlushThe palest in the pink family, this shade will really bring out the femininity of your bridesmaids. This flirty yet innocent tint is becoming increasingly popular among brides themselves. Celebrated designer Vera Wang has incorporated soft pinks into many of her gowns, including her diffusion line of wedding dresses found at David’s Bridal.


Two Tone


One dress, two colors – everybody’s happy.  This will really help to brighten up your bridal party.  You can choose a dress with a white bodice and bolder skirt, or go for the hombre look where one color fades into another. Either way, this creates a modern, dynamic look that your favorite ladies will love. For a stunning example, check out Coren Moore’s dual-tone garment.

Mix and Match



Not everyone in your bridal party needs to wear a matching dress.  For example, if the color scheme of your wedding is blue, you can have each of your bridesmaids wear a different shade of blue – from pale to rich and dark.  This will help to keep everyone happy.


BlackWho doesn’t love a little black dress?  This alluring and romantic color is particularly fitting for formal, nighttime events, as well as winter nuptials. Moreover, black is innately slimming and can easily be worn to other events without raising eyebrows.

Do you have a favorite hue for your bridesmaid dresses? Share with me in the comment section below!