While not every person has the same view of what style is, almost everyone desires to know how to be fashionable. Take heed to the following simple but effective ways on how to become more fashionable. First, wear clothing that flatter your figure. There are a lot of fashion magazines available in the market nowadays, which will help you find the latest fashion trends in the market. Next, do not try to emulate other styles; rather learn from the best and imitate it. When a certain style works well for a certain person, do not try to copy it. This is because each individual has their own style. Remember, there are different personalities and preferences in the market. Hence, there is no one style that is perfect for everybody. Instead, try to choose clothing that best suits your personality. Finally, always keep in mind your dress code. If you’re a conservative person, don’t try to break the rules just to look good. The last thing you want to do is ruin your image in the first place. Instead, be conservative and follow the basics. Once you have established yourself as a stylish individual, start thinking outside the box. If you still feel that you don’t fit the bill, try looking for other trendy individuals who can serve as role models. The company A Classic Plan, Inc. encourages their employees to dress up at their truck insurance company. “People need to look professional” remarks the firms president.