5 Diamond Jewelry Accessorizing Tips for Women

imagesDiamonds have been called many things, like bling, ice, rocks, and of course, a girl’s best friend. But when it comes down to it, diamond jewelry is nothing more than an accessory, albeit an expensive one. It’s something to complement your attire. That said, diamonds can have other meanings. For example, everyone knows that a diamond solitaire worn on the left ring finger denotes engagement. And diamond tennis bracelets have become a popular “push” present (given to a mother to celebrate the birth of a child…as if a baby wasn’t gift enough). They are also a sign of wealth, and large and rare diamonds are often used to display affluence. But no matter what kind of diamond jewelry you use to enhance your appearance or flaunt your status, you may want to follow a few guidelines when it comes to adorning yourself with these sparkly accoutrements. Here are a few tips that will ensure your diamonds don’t outshine you.

  1. Choose pieces that suit your stature. This doesn’t mean selecting diamond jewelry that displays your economic status, but rather pieces that suit your physical bearing. If you happen to be birdlike and petite, it’s probably not in your best interest to hang the Hope Diamond around your neck. If, on the other hand, you are tall and imposing, or otherwise large, you should try to steer clear of tiny stones in delicate settings that are only going to get lost on your frame. Diamond jewelry can definitely help to complete a look, but only insomuch as it doesn’t overpower you or fade into insignificance.
  2. Avoid matching sets. These days there’s no worse fashion faux pas than getting too matchy-matchy, and that applies to your jewelry as well as your overall ensemble. You wouldn’t wear slacks, a top, a jacket, and shoes that are all the same color, even if it makes choosing your outfit really easy. And the same goes for your accessories. Anymore, women who match their purse to their shoes are considered hopelessly outdated. And if you wear a matching set of diamond jewelry that includes earrings, a necklace, a bracelet, and a ring, it’s going to reflect on your fashion sense in a negative way. In truth, you probably don’t even want to go with all-diamond jewelry. By mixing it up with colored stones, pearls, or a variety of metals you’ll get a look that’s a lot more modern and chic.
  3. Consider your outfit. Your outfit may determine the pieces you choose to wear. If you’re married or engaged, you’ll find that your rings can be worn with any outfit, for the most part. But the top you wear might determine whether a diamond necklace or a pendant is more suitable. And long or short sleeves could make a difference when it comes to wearing diamond bracelets. Casual versus formal dress will also have an impact on the number and type of pieces you use to embellish your ensemble.
  4. Consider the venue. If you’re attending a cotillion, a diamond tiara is totally acceptable. But there aren’t too many other events that will call for this special piece. The same is true of a diamond necklace, which is probably only appropriate for formal occasions. And if you’re going to a shady area of town to hit the clubs, it’s probably best to don your fakes for the evening rather than risk losing your real diamonds on the dance floor.
  5. Don’t go overboard. Coco Chanel has been credited with suggesting that women remove one piece of jewelry before leaving the house. Whether she said it or not, it’s a good idea. It’s all too easy to pile on the jewelry, especially if you have several great pieces from Diamond Banc or De Beers. But unless you want to look gauche or come across as a braggart, it’s best to tone it down a bit. This will help to ensure the sophisticated style that most women prefer to embody.