5 Star-Studded Celebrity Trends for Winter ’13/’14

The cold season is upon us and as we huddle up in our best winter attire, style is not exactly at the top of our priority list. Luckily for us, all the celebs out there have got to stay stylish, irrespective of weather conditions. That’s how they manage to inspire us to up our trend and fashion game – so take it away, stars. What should be wearing this winter, to stay both warm and sartorially savvy?

SJP’s boyfriend jeans

Time Warner Cable NYC 01

When Sarah Jessica Parker stepped out in the snow fall, it was already crystal clear for everyone that the trendsetter was setting yet a new trend. After all, it’s no coincidence that she is best known for her iconic part as Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw. The show may be long over, but you can still catch it today on Time Warner Cable NYC, and see for yourself how topical Carrie’s sense of style remains to this day. In this picture, it’s all about the comfy boyfriend jeans she’s sporting– but it’s also about so much more. Everything about her outfit just screams ‘laid back’ and down-to-earth. The angora wool knitted cap perfectly complements the shearling trimming of her big, fluffy jacket. Meanwhile, the cooler-than-thou Ray Ban aviators and fur-trimmed boots simply complete an outfit that was already perfect to a tee.

Preggo Gwen’s red dress

Time Warner Cable NYC 02

Trust Gwen Stefani to make a statement, no matter the season or the state she’s in. She may have been pregnant when this shot was taken, but her ruby red lipstick perfectly matches the retro A-line dress, which, in turn, is great when paired up with the oversized, Audrey Hepburn-esque glasses. The white and black geometric trim on the pockets is yet another retro nod, which also matches the black stockings and knee-high boots. Oh, yeah, and don’t forget the adorable dog, too – though he doesn’t look like he’s in top shape, he’s still cute.

Miranda Kerr: sleek & sexy

Time Warner Cable NYC 03

Criticize her all you like, but the truth is Miranda Kerr has got the look to pull off just about any outfit. Case in point: this casual A/W attire she was snapped in. There’s nothing particularly daring about it: a simple black cardigan, with a gingham coat, denim duds, and thigh-high boots. The accessories are also on the conservative, tested-and-true side – an oversized black handbag and gold-rimmed black lens aviators. Yet, when you put them all together and spell ‘Kerr’ on them, you just know it’s going to work, look trendy, and inspire millions around the globe to emulate it. That’s precisely what this outfit does and it’s amazing how it manages to do it, while looking so casual and hassle-free.

Alexa Chung in true street-style fashion

Time Warner Cable NYC 04

No one really does street style quite like Alexa Chung these days – it doesn’t even matter if she’s in NYC, Tokyo, or London. This outfit is yet another testament to the fact that the style star has got her trends down to perfection. The leopard-print flat ankle boots are that pop of personal style that turn an otherwise conservative outfit into one that’s definitely Chung. The rest of her attire is all about the classics: the high ruffled collar, the second-skin acid wash grey jeans, and the incredibly stylish triple-breasted coat with leather inserts at the collar remind us that they don’t call Chung the uncrowned hipster queen for no reason.

Taylor Swift, cute and retro

Time Warner Cable NYC 05

Back in the day, when she first started out, Taylor Swift was the go-to fashionista for daring, controversial, and sexy. These days, the Swift seems to have toned it down (possibly in an attempt to gain more hipster appeal) and gone the retro-vintage way. The Peter Pan-collared knitwear, slim corduroy pants, flat lace-up boots, and beanie all contribute to the same effect. Add the complete palette of fall/winter colors into the mix, plus the season’s hottest style piece – the oversized boyfriend coat – and you’ve got yourself a winning outfit!