6 Amazing Hair Styles for the Coming Spring

With spring comes a great opportunity to try something new with your hair. Whether your hair is long, short, curly, straight, thick, or thin there are awesome options to renew and revitalise your hair. Below you’ll find my favourite 6 Hair Styles that are in for this coming spring. If you see something you really like, why not visit Yen Hair in Worcestershire and get the haircut you’ve always wanted!

6 Spring Braids


This spring braids are in. But they are not the well-kept, classy ones of seasons past. This spring if you are going to choose a braid then it better have that fresh out of bed messy look. Any old world braid will do whether it’s a chunky braid, a hailo, the milkmaid, or an elegant French braid if you keep it messy then it’s in.

5 Boyish

Hair apparent ... Victoria Beckham pioneers the Posh bob also known as the Pob.

Androgyny is in this spring and you’ll see it most in an extreme side part reminiscent of the boyish comb-over of the 1930’s. This spring hairstyle is extremely sexy and it overflows with confidence. If you aren’t sure which side of your face the part will look best on take a selfie to compare the right side to the left. While the look is traditionally very sleek and flat, you can use your fingers instead of a brush in order to have more volume when you use this style.

4 Just Woke Up



Slept in texture is a big influence for the coming spring, in hair styles. This look is meant to appear like your hair is not done. In order to achieve this look, skip the shampoo occasionally and just use the conditioner. By rinsing and conditioning your hair without the shampoo your hair will have the rougher texture that you are looking for without it being greasy.

3 Accessories


For the 2014 spring season accessories are in big time. Adding an accessory to any of the other looks can help you to soften it. Leather straps, bold bows, studded headbands, and ornate pheasant-inspired pieces woven into the hair all add their own kick to your hair.

2 Retro 70’s Hair


Another major look for this spring is 70’s inspired. Retro curls with a modern low side part bring the 70’s to modern days. These retro curls are one of the few styles this year that should not look greasy and unkempt but completely frizz-free. A great way to achieve this look is to twist it and pin it up when it is still damp. By allowing it to dry while up and shaking it loose you will get that elegant effortless texture that you are looking for.

1 Mermaid Waves


The number one hairstyle this spring for me is mermaid waves. This look both looks put together and effortless. The clean and wet-look coupled with a centre-part is a great look for blondes this season. The best way to achieve this look is to use an hourglass shaped wand coupled with a wave memoriser prior to blow drying.