6 Questions to Consider When Contemplating Tattoo Removal

You thought the love relationship would last forever so you had her name tattooed on your forearm. But you’ve learned that in life, nothing lasts forever so now it may be time to let go of the past and move toward and new and improved-looking physique.  Removing a tattoo isn’t as hard to remove as it used to be and the price has become quite affordable; you can have peace of mind and alleviate the stress from worrying about the tattoo now with just a visit to your local clinic to learn the process that it will take to remove the tattoo that you have.  Let’s look at a list of questions to take with you when you visit the clinic that you’re interviewing for possible removal of your tattoo.




  1. What is the best option that you have for removing an unwanted tattoo?  You’ll want to use a safe and secure method that works well and takes as much ink out of your skin as possible.
  2. Will your tattoo be completely removed?  You don’t want any traces left of that unwanted name or dragon that once seemed a cool addition to your body; speaking with a trained practitioner can answer this question for you effectively.
  3. How many visits will you need to make to the clinic to get the results that you want?  All of this will depend on the size and colour of the tattoo that you have but it may take a little longer than you anticipate.
  4. How long do you want between sessions?  Even though you want the tattoo gone as soon as possible, your practitioner will know the appropriate amount of time that you should wait between visits.  Your body reacts to laser treatments and this entire process will take time so you should plan to be patient.
  5. Will your tattoo be hard to remove?  This will depend on the colour, where it’s located, and your own skin colour.  Be sure to let your practitioner know if your tattoo was done by an amateur, if it’s relatively new, and the age of your tattoo because all of these are factors that can impact the ease with which your tattoo can be removed.
  6. Will the colours in your tattoo be hard to remove?  If your tattoo has some of the newer ultra-vibrant colours it may be a troublesome project but your practitioner will know by examining your tattoo the results that you can expect to see.

You will want to ask your practitioner where you can educate yourself about removing a tattoo as pain-free and efficient as possible.  Click here for more information about the types of lasers used and the favourable results that you can see, it’s a webpage worth the time to review.  Learn as much as you can so that you’ll know that you’re in good hands and that you’ll be confident with the results that you can expect.  Knowing what will happen and how much it will cost beforehand makes the entire process less painful to both you and your wallet.


Image courtesy of:FreeDigitalPhotos.net stockimages