Be A Princess At Your Best Friend’s Wedding

It is time we tackle the most important concern on your mind: what to wear for your best friend’s wedding. Even though weddings might not be your forte when it comes to dressing up, you still need to make your best appearance to honor her and the groom.

It will only fit right in the picture if you walk through those doors looking like a princess: the aim here is not to look better than the bride, but to stand out and look like the best friend making a statement of joy.

How exactly will you be doing that? Follow three easy steps for getting the princess look on that special day.

The Dress 

Your dress will define your look for the entire evening. We suggest you try a sweetheart neckline with a fluffy chiffon skirt or a backless halter neck silk dress that flows down your body, making you look elegant. The type of dress: cut, prêt and material, you need to go with the one that complements your body.

Pick silks and chiffons that aren’t puffed and choose something with a peplum design. In case of being petite, get something in velvet and jacquard silk. The velvet will add some volume, making you look like a royal princess. As for the color options in both cases, you’re given a free hand, but if there’s a theme defined by your friend, pick an appropriate color that would be suitable.

For your hair and makeup, you can go with matching eyeshades and heavy mascara with a prominent lip color no matter what the dress shade is. Keep your hair curled and either held back with an embellished hair comb or done up with pearls and jewels into a bun.

The Accessories

With dress, shoes, hair and makeup behind, let’s get on to the finishing touches; your accessories. Make sure you have a theme going here; match your accessories with your footwear and vice versa.

If you have the perfect white gold jewelry set to wear, match your shoes accordingly in addition to the clutch bag you will be carrying. We suggest something floral and metallic with a hint of colored jewels sprinkled over the design; keep it simple yet elegant and graceful.

Also, you can add a royal touch to the entire outfit and complement the rest of the accessories with a colored gemstone ring. Of course, gemstones may not have the same majestic quality that unique diamond engagement rings do, but remember: as a bridesmaid, you’re not supposed to outshine the bride.

The Shoes

In this case, pick something that is comfortable to walk and dance in for about 6 hours. Also make sure you stay clear of the bridesmaid’s shoe color.

We suggest something in contrast to the dress; say if you have a royal blue dress, then go with a silver pair of shoes or if you have something on in a peachy shade, try on rose gold or mat gold heels.

And for a safe best, you can go with the evergreen Cinderella heels that would go with anything you have on. But above all, pick something that is comfy to wear and doesn’t hurt your feet during the entire wedding session.