Choosing a Watch to Suit Your Personality

A well-chosen watch is the perfect accessory for any stylish outfit. In fact, watches have been a popular fashion choice for men ever since WWI, after which sartorially-minded gents back home would took inspiration from the returning troops by including a wrist mounted timepiece in their dress.

Modern watches have come on a long way since then, improving in both technology and the range of available choices. This makes choosing the right watch both easier and harder than it used to be: easier, because of the ease of finding a piece to suit your style, but more difficult in that more choice means more opportunity to get it wrong.

Tasteful or Tasteless?

Perhaps one of the most important things to consider when choosing a watch is what you want to convey through your selection. On the simplest level, a well-chosen watch will indicate that the wearer has both style and taste, whereas a poorly chosen watch will detract from an otherwise acceptable outfit and make the wear look at best tasteless – at worst, cheap.

Know Your Brands

Perhaps the best place to start with your watch selection is by examining the images of some of the world’s most famous watch brands. Who do they market to? Who wears them? And what do they wear them with?

For example, the Casio Pathfinder is a watch most commonly worn by active men who are independently minded and like to spend time outdoors. On the other hand, a Rado Ceramic watch will usually be worn by a man who has at least one eye firmly on the world of fashion, and the money to splash on accessories to suit this taste. Both of these watch brands can be found at Market Cross Jewellers, a company which is known for showcasing an impressive range of brands to suit any taste and preference.

Showcase Your Character

Each watch brand offers a further range of different options, from which you can choose the piece which you feel best sums up your own distinct character. The nature of a watch is such that it’s guaranteed to give rise to a first-glance impression in anyone you meet, so now is the opportunity to really show off your own personality. If you crave the limelight and like to be noticed, choosing a silver or gold watch, perhaps with diamonds, is sure to attract attention. However, if you’re more of a quite type with a penchant for old-school worldliness, a leather strap might suit you better. Be guided by your own inclination and you’re sure to find the perfect watch for you.