College Prep: Backpacks and Totes for Back to School

UntitledHauling heavy books can be a hassle which is why it is important to get the right backpacks and totes for college and school. If the books are too heavy, they can really do damage to your shoulders and back. Studies have been done on kids of all ages to determine how many books are too many books to carry. Fundamentally, you should select a backpack or tote bag that you can carry easily without straining or hurting yourself. Look for ergonomically designed backpacks with good waist and back support; backpacks made of sturdy yet lightweight materials are well worth the investment because you really do not want to carry a backpack that is heavy even when it is empty.

When you live in a dorm on campus you generally travel a lot by foot or on a bicycle which is why a backpack is so essential, because they are very portable. Without a car to haul your stuff around, you really need to be thoughtful about what you carry and how you carry it.

Getting the right backpacks and totes for college can be a challenge because you want your bag to be nice, have enough space for your books and be comfortable enough on your back and shoulders. Also you want your carryalls to be functional but also personal – you certainly don’t want anyone making off with your backpack by mistake thinking it’s theirs. One way to overcome this issue is to select a backpack in a unique color or print, but if you are buying a popular brand which a lot, that still may not be enough to differentiate your backpack. The ideal solution and backpack essential number one is to have your backpack professionally monogrammed. Monograms are not only classy, but they serve a useful function, marking something as uniquely yours.

Tote bags are great for things like laundry and sporting goods but they are not the best choice for lugging heavy books. Hauling a heavy tote can take a toll on your arm and shoulder. Most people prefer to use the same hand to carry everything and this means that one side of your body will bear the brunt of the work. With a backpack, the weight is evenly distributed across your body. It also leaves your hands free to carry a cell phone, coffee, keys and more.

Since many backpacks look alike, you may wish to invest in one with a distinctive color or print. Another alternative is to have your backpack and any totes monogrammed, especially if you will be living in a fraternity, sorority, or college dorm. Preparing for life at college comes with a separate set of challenges, especially if you are sharing a communal bathroom down the hall – hauling stuff will become a way of life and you will need plenty of totes and carryalls along with other portable storage solutions.

It’s also a good idea to put an identification card inside one of the pockets of your backpack or to even write your name, phone number and email address on the interior with a permanent marker. So if you was to lose your bag, it would be easy for someone to contact you to give it back.

When it comes to getting the best sorority, dorm room, or fraternity essentials, your best bet is to get a college checklist – the university will provide a very basic list but you will be better served to take a look online at the websites of the major bed and bath stores because they are the real pros. Most of the better sites feature comprehensive college checklists and dedicate sites highlighting everything you might need or want to make the transition to college and dorm life more manageable. Some sites even ship the goods directly to your dorm room so you can get lined up before you arrive and skip the hassle of last minute shopping in what can be a costly college town.