Disposable Contact Lenses are the Ultimate in Convenience and Health

disposable-contactsDisposable contacts are worn for a specific period of time, then thrown out and replaced with fresh lenses. Today disposable contacts are the most common type of contact lenses. Most eye care practitioners prefer disposable contacts because of their health benefits. Consumers appreciate the convenience and price.

Glasses vs. Contact lenses

If you wear glasses, then you have probably noticed some common deficiencies with them. Glasses can often fog up, which can be very inconvenient and sometimes dangerous. They can get in the way of activities, especially sports. They can break, and this fact forces you to own a spare pair of glasses – just in case.

Glasses are known for their inability to offer optimal vision. They do nothing for your peripheral vision and because the lens is not worn directly on the eye, you can often experience glare and distortion. Also, many people feel insecure about their appearance while wearing glasses.

Contact lenses have none of the above issues. With today’s technological advances, modern contact lenses are extremely comfortable. So much so that you might forget you are even wearing them. And not surprisingly, people often choose to wear contact lenses because they prefer how they look without glasses.

Disposable Contact Lenses vs. Traditional Contact Lenses

Traditional contact lenses are replaced every six months or longer. Daily Disposable contact lenses are replaced every day and Frequent Replaceable contact lenses (another type of disposable contact lens) are replaced about every two weeks.

Both types of disposable lenses are convenient because very little or no lens cleaning is required. They are also healthy because there is no day-to-day accumulation of lens deposits, which means you have much less risk of contact lens-related eye problems.

Many disposable contact lenses are Extended Wear, which means you can wear them while you sleep and you do not have to remove them for an extended period of time. (Two weeks to thirty days is the normal duration.) There is no question about it: Disposable contact lenses are truly the right choice for anyone who can wear them.

Disposable Contact Lenses are Affordable

Daily disposable lenses are more reasonably priced than you might expect. You can wear disposable contacts for less than a dollar per day. Also, with disposables you’ll reduce the cost of lens cleaning products. The cost of disposable contact lenses over traditional contact lenses is slight and is compensated by the reduced need for cleaning products.

Can I Wear Disposable Lenses?

The only thing that would prevent you from wearing disposable contact lenses is whether your particular prescription is available in a disposable lens. There is quite a selection of disposable contacts, including colored contacts that change your eye color (which can be worn cosmetically even if you do not need your vision corrected), contacts that correct astigmatism and the Acuvue Bifocal disposable contact.

If your prescription is rare, you might not be able to wear Daily Disposable lenses, but Frequent Replacement disposable lenses might be available to you. For an unusual prescription, you may need to wear traditional lenses. But ultimately, your eye care practitioner can advise you on which contact lens is best for you.