Dropping Those All-Important Valentine’s Day Hints

We may only be in the very early stages of January, but it already feels as though Christmas and the New Year passed long ago. At this time of year, the January blues firmly take hold of us, and, for this reason, it becomes the perfect time to start planning for a special occasion. Fortunately, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Here’s exactly what you should be looking out for.

Catching Your Man’s Eye

Now, although there’s only a month to go until the big day, I can be certain that the idea of a Valentine’s Day gift hasn’t even begun to cross my man’s mind. Whether you want to go out on the evening or just fancy a nice meal in; now is the perfect time to start planning. Alerting your man to the possible options will hopefully begin to engage his brain and remind him that he has to get you a present. You just need to decide what you want and start hinting.

Choosing the Perfect Gift

Well, what does the girl who has everything want? Valentine’s Day should all be about personal, romantic gifts. Whereas Christmas and birthday presents can have a practical edge, Valentine’s Day gifts should all be about luxury. Jewellery, perfume and flowers are all great ideas but, if you’re slimming for your New Year’s resolution, make sure he doesn’t buy you chocolate. For jewellery, look no further than Mark Milton. For perfume, try something new and adventurous and, finally, for flowers, set your expectations and make sure he doesn’t buy you some from the garage on the way home. The world is your oyster, so go wild.

Leaving the Hints

No matter what, make sure that your partner knows exactly what to get. By mentioning the day early, you should grab his attention; and subtle hints and tips can continue right up to the big day (when he’ll be more inclined to buy the present). If there’s something you desperately want then make sure he knows about it. Whereas, if you want an element of surprise, remain tight lipped. Whether you choose to leave internet tabs open, continue returning to the same shop or just namedrop certain items, make sure he listens. That way you can relax, enjoy the present you’ve always wanted and have a great day.

So there you go, simple ways that you can ensure you get exactly what you want this Valentine’s Day. Leave the hints, mention the day early and pick something romantic. This way you’ll get what you want so that you can celebrate in style.