Five Ways to Protect Your Jewelry Collection

When you think about protecting your assets, how often is your jewelry collection the first thing you think about? To be sure, many of the items in your jewelry collection have sentimental value…wedding bands, engagement rings…these are items that you cannot imagine going a day without. Even if you don’t wear them on a regular basis, sometimes just knowing that they’re safe at home in that special spot is enough to get you through the day. That said you’ve probably given some thought to ways in which you can protect these items. Let’s examine a few of them.

Never Remove Your Jewelry by the Sink
Many individuals remove their rings before washing dishes for fear that the rings will fall off and be lost in the drain. Placing a ring next to a counter bound to get wet is never a good idea. There is a lot of commotion when washing dishes, things that you may not be aware of, and the clink of a gold band slipping into the drain pipe can be mistaken for silverware tapping against a plate. In most cases, many gallons of water have passed through the pipes before an individual suspects that a simple careless swipe of the hand has resulted in the loss of their precious metals.

Use the Right Cleaner
It’s important to clean your jewelry on a regular basis, as even common germs may cause scratches in the plating. Though, using the right cleaner is just as important as the frequency with which you use it. So many individuals wake up in the morning to find that the cleaner they used the night before — maybe it was new and they forgot to read the label — has stripped the plating from their valuables. Sometimes a simple mistake in a moment’s lack of vigilance can amount to the loss of a jewel’s luster. In many cases, this loss is permanent. Make sure to research new products thoroughly before using them in the future.

Consider Your Environment
You may be employed in an industry where exposure to the elements is a regular problem. If you work in a salon, consider the chemicals in the solutions that you may be using to treat your patrons. Some of these chemicals may be harmful to gold and silver. If you work on a construction site, consider removing your valuables to a secure location before you leave the house. Careful consideration for the condition of your jewelry and daily threats to its integrity will keep your jewelry looking new for years.

Avoid Carrying Loose Jewelry in Your Pockets
Pockets were designed for quick storage. In a pinch, they may come in handy, but removing your valuables to one of your pockets, even for a few moments, is a gamble. Pockets develop holes over time. Often, these holes go unnoticed until we reach into them for an item and pull out a torn lining an hour later. Valuables lost to the pocket monster are rarely recovered. It’s not worth it.

A safe deposit box may seem like a good idea, but the contents of safe deposit boxes are not insured by the FDIC. On the other hand, the contents of a well-hidden home safe are covered by homeowners insurance. Comprehensive homeowner’s insurance policies will afford you compensation for damages due to flood, fire and theft. If you worry about safe deposit boxes, then consider buying jewelry safes to keep your collection safe.