How to Keep a Games Room Looking Elegant

The sitting room in your house may also double up as a games room these days, as the main hub of the home, it has been the Holy Grail for any new electronic gadget or innovative pieces of technology for years now.

After a long day at work or school, the sitting room or games room is the one place that we retreat to in order to spend hours watching TV or playing games on the multiple gaming devices that are scattered across the floor.

With so many devices and gadgets around the room, you may think it unlikely to hear the words “games room” and “elegant” in the same sentence, but it is possible. Check out our guide on creating your own elegant games room:


The key to making your sitting room look elegant is to ensure it doesn’t always look like a games room. When the children are at school, and all you want is to sit and read a book in the comfort of your own home, make sure the room you sit in is the elegant room you desire.

living room


By using a range of drawers, cupboards and baskets, keep all the gadgets and games tidied away when you aren’t using them.  Xbox 360s and PlayStations are easy to pick up and tidy away, and the games can be neatly piled in a cupboard. TVs may be harder to hide, but you can get some very smart cabinets that allow you to shut the doors and completely over the TV when it isn’t being used.


The main focal point in a sitting room is of course the furniture; you can get a fantastic range of sofas from to fit whatever size and shape of room you have. If you have a large family, then a huge corner sofa would work well, whereas if you have a smaller sitting room, a couple of leather sofas would look great.

If you want to create an elegant games room theme, you could always purchase a couple of lovely leather recliner chairs that will make excellent seats for gaming, but also for just relaxing on in the evening.

It can be daunting buying a nice elegant coffee table for your sitting room if you know it will end up covered in empty drinks glasses and dirty take away boxes, but it doesn’t need to be like that. Buy a nice table cloth and plenty of coasters and place mats, so that when the games and TV watching is over, you can simply reveal your beautiful table and enhance your elegant décor once again.



Your sitting room doesn’t need to be dominated by technology, so make sure there are a good variety of accessories in the room that keep it feeling smart and elegant. A bookshelf full of books can help to balance out a cupboard packed with games and there is no reason not to buy some nice looking speakers to use for your sound system or TV.

Create a personal feel in the room with a number of nice photos in leather frames and even add a couple of mirrors on the walls to give the illusion of a larger space. Wall art is very popular these days and can really add a nice decorative touch to a room without taking up too much space or overwhelming an existing décor.

Your sitting room should be used by the whole family, but there is no reason it cannot maintain its elegant design when it is not being used for gaming or social occasions, the key is to making sure that with a simple few touches it can be transformed from games room to sophisticated living room.