How to Let the World Know You’re a Chef

When you train long and hard for a career that you love, you’re most likely very proud of your efforts – and you should be. But it’s not enough just to love your work; you want the world to know, too. Being a chef is cool and you should play that for all it’s worth!

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Say It with Ink
You’re creative, fun and inventive. You’re understandably proud of the magic you create in the kitchen. Why not show the world about your exciting skills with a chef tattoo? Maybe you’d want to get a tattoo of pictures of your tools of the trade, or a tattoo in really cool script that says “chef.” If being a chef is an essential part of your identity, why not make a permanent mark?

Wear a Statement Shirt
Wearing a t-shirt that says you’re a chef is a great conversation starter. If you’re wearing a t-shirt that says something provocative – maybe like “chefs do it in the kitchen” – you’ve already got a great ice breaker when you want to meet that hot person of the opposite sex. You’ve got a job that shows you’re good with your hands and you can handle the heat, so take advantage of that and show off!

Reach Out to the Community
As a chef, you can play a really important role in the community. Many non-profit groups have fundraising activities throughout the year to raise money for their charitable activities, and some of these activities incorporate the efforts of local chefs and dishes from fine independent restaurants. By donating your time to these good causes, you can help people who need it and raise awareness of your talents at the same time.

Bust Out Your Skills at Parties
Food brings people together, and you’re the star of the show when you can feed your friends. Show off your ability to whip up a tasty snack at a tailgate party or Friday night get-together and soon everyone will be raving about your chef skills.

Dress the Part
While it’s true that a lot of a chef’s work is done behind the closed doors of a kitchen and therefore the public doesn’t frequently see them, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t matter what you wear to work. Rather than being associated with entry level employees, chef coats are a strong symbol of the importance and dignity of your job. Wearing chef coats shows that you take your job very seriously and commands the respect of your other kitchen staff and your customers alike. When you look like a chef, people will treat you accordingly. You can feel proud knowing that everyone knows what you do for a living just by looking at how you’re dressed.

Challenge other Chefs to a Competition
People like to watch chefs show off their skills. Shows like “Iron Chef” are a good testament to the fact that cooking can be exciting and fun to watch. So why not challenge another local chef to a competition? You could charge admission and donate the proceeds to a local food bank. Whether you win or lose doesn’t matter, because you’ll have fun and people will have fun watching you. People in your community will associate your name with exciting kitchen skills.

Get Media Coverage
It’s a great time to be a chef, as far as pop culture is concerned. Between the popularity of cooking shows on Food Network and the rise of celebrity chefs, people love learning about the behind the scenes realities of restaurant operations. You have a story to tell that people want to hear! Whether you choose to make yourself available as a correspondent for local television programs, write a column for the local newspaper or write a book about your experiences as a chef, it’s time to let your community know who you are.

Being a chef is an exciting, fast paced career. People want to see what you can do and you just have to make yourself known!