Just for Men: Great Ways to Amp up Your Summer Style

Summer is rapidly approaching and with it comes all of the great things associated with long summer days. We’re looking forward to beach days packed with surfing, backyard barbecues, road trips and concerts on those warm nights that seem to never end.

While ladies have likely been planning our summer looks all winter, the guys are usually a little bit behind in the fashion race. Let’s face it, style just isn’t as much of an issue for most men, but it should be.

There are designers who have been working very hard to bring men some of the best and most trendy looks, and it would be a shame if the male population of the world ignored their efforts. That’s not to say men need to pore over men’s fashion magazines or watch videos of Paris fashion week, but they should become somewhat familiar with the styles in fashion for summer.

Let’s investigate some of the ways that men can shop at stores like Man Alive and take their summer look from so-so to spectacular without compromising any of that fashion apathy.


Some of the men I know endure the winter months like a bear, by hibernating. You might see them out from time to time, but they look like they haven’t seen anyone, barber included, for months. As the weather gets warmer and it’s time to go outside, it’s also time to make sure your grooming regimen is up to par.

When it comes to hair, summer fashion does not dictate the wearing of baseball caps every day. Visit your barber and ask for something that complements your personal style. Consider using a gel or wax during the summer to maintain that “I just got off my surfboard/skateboard/motorcycle/wild horse” messy look.

Summer hair grooming is not limited to the top of your head. If a category wordsmith would label you hirsute, consider a visit to an esthetician to discuss your options.


Board shorts have probably been your swimwear choice for several years. This ubiquitous style definitely serves a purpose if you’re an active surfer, but if you’re just a regular guy, you might want to think about something more modern.

The problem with board shorts is the fit — or lack thereof. The billowy legs can give the impression of a skirt on a windy day, and the waistbands never seem to sit on the hips properly, which has led to unfortunate flashing incidents.

Consider a style with a more narrow leg and a waistband that lies closer to your natural waist. These swimming trunks should fit more like a pair of regular shorts, and the bottom part of the leg should hit just above the knee and never an inch below it.


Summer shoes can represent a variety of styles. Running shoes, hiking boots, skateboard shoes and sandals are all represented, and in some cases they’re represented well. However, there is one very important thing to remember: Never wear socks with sandals. Not once.

Now that that’s out of the way, make sure that your shoes are appropriate to your outfit and your activity. When you do wear sandals, make sure your feet are at the very least clean, and try to save the flip flops for the beach.


Most men’s summer clothes consist of shorts and T-shirts, which is acceptable, but make sure you’re wearing the right ones. It’s easy to get stuck in the comfortable styles of years past, but you don’t want to stay there forever.

If you’re still wearing cargo shorts, you need to get rid of them right away. Not only is that style over, it was a particularly bad one to begin with. Having twenty pockets on each leg might seem like a good idea, but the weight of loaded pockets always caused those shorts to sag, and that’s not attractive at all.

Upgrade to a pair of shorts with a slimmer fit, and ones that end just above the knee. This style has a normal number of pockets, so you might have to find another way to carry all of your goodies, but you’ll look so much better while doing it.

T-shirts are great summer wear, and you can really express your style with bold graphics and designs. One thing to remember is that T-shirts have sleeves. Tank tops should be reserved for undershirts — they’re not to be worn by themselves.

Keep some of these savvy tips in mind when you go shopping for your summer wardrobe. You just might find that a tweak to your style will bring you your best summer ever.