Mascara and Sunglasses: Two Ways to Protect Your Eyes from Ocular Disease

Ocular diseases and infections can give a lot of trouble to women and there are enough documented cases regarding contracting such problems apparently out of nowhere. There are also some peculiar situations of women reporting eye infections due to eye-liners or make-up, and making sure to use only high quality and fresh products especially in the eye area is only logical.

Rumors about mascara containing cadmium, eye-liner containing arsenic and lipstick containing led are not new and there are still burning debates around the “secrets” the cosmetic industry doesn’t let us know. However, there are still manufacturing companies that use only natural products in their cosmetics and while none of us would gladly and voluntarily circle her eyes with arsenic, there is also true that we are exposed to many other ocular disease that we can’t control and are far harder to prevent in comparison to reading a label.

But recently, specialists from the Optician College in London released the results of a study concluding that mascara and sunglasses can protect women from contracting blepharitis or allergic conjunctivitis.

How, one may ask?

Let’s see what blepharitis is. According to doctors, this is a common eyelid inflammation that sometimes is associated with a bacterial eye infection, symptoms of dry eyes or certain types of skin conditions such as acne rosacea. So as you may guess, protecting your eyes and keeping your lashes safe are the best ways to keep away from this infection.

How does mascara help you?

The specialists in London observed that the women using mascara are more likely to clean their eyes with special products than women who only use eye-liners or make-up. To keep it safe, it is also recommended to use natural mascara, which will ease your concerns regarding the dangerous chemicals found in cosmetics. The women cleaning their eyes on a daily basis were found to report less blepharitis cases than others.

Of course, any woman who cleans her face and eyes at the end of the day is thus more protected and it would have been interesting to find out if natural mascara has itself such role, but in conclusion, a combination of safety measures, use of natural products and a careful make-up removal ritual on a daily basis can keep our eyes healthy and free from infections.

What about sunglasses?

Sunglasses protect our eyes from Photokeratitis or ultraviolet keratitis, a painful eye condition caused by exposure of insufficiently protected eyes to the ultraviolet rays. People with blue eyes are said to be more vulnerable to this ocular disease because the lack of pigmentation, but dark eyes are not completely safe either. However, the London study found that to a certain extent, sunglasses protect us from allergic conjunctivitis or from allergies caused by pollen or animal hair. These conclusions are concurred by a study developed in Turkey, at the Hacettepe University, where ocular specialists found that people wearing constantly sunglasses during the day reported fewer occurrences of conjunctivitis or seasonal allergies.

Don’t we all know that already?

These results may look at a first glance as being common-sense conclusions. Of course all women remove any trace of make-up at the end of the day and of course sunglasses represent a physical barrier between air impurities and our eyes. However, if that were the case, maybe the studies wouldn’t have been necessary at all. And unfortunately, not all women use professional natural make-up removals. Even if these results look simple and shallow, they are meant to remind us that not cleaning make-up can lead to actual diseases and not only to beauty side-effects and that playing it safe is better than buying medication.