Men’s Formal Accessory Trends for 2014

You might give yourself a free hand when picking accessories for casual wear, but you can end up being a fashion disaster if you adopt a similar approach to formal attire. This is because formal wear requires the right accessories without overdoing the whole look and making sure that the essentials complement the rest of your clothing.

The foremost rule to remember is to keep it subtle and decent with most of the accessories and avoid bling items. The former would be enough to add panache to your outfit.


Some of the latest formal accessory trends for 2014 include:


Ties have been showcased on the runways in two basic colors: black and blue. In terms of texture and shape, the straight and slim suede tie is what it’s all about this year.

You can go with a simple block colored tie in black or blue when wearing a striped suit or add up some diagonal stripes or checkered prints in both these colors, in case of a plain suit, for a modern vibe.


Most men overlook the importance of a decent pair of socks when it comes to putting the attire together. In fact, this is the one accessory for 2014 that needs the most attention because it can make or break an outfit.

The ideal mens dress socks would be the ones that contrast the shade of your footwear and pants and accentuate those few inches between your feet and legs. The trending options include different prints in a relaxed fit.


There is one particular rule for dressing up formally this year. And that is staying miles away from gold plated watches.

Instead, opt for watches with leather straps in black, tan or teal, all of which exude brilliance. Also, try to go with an option that is accompanied with a simple and over-sized dial.

Cuff Links

Don’t underestimate the effect a snazzy pair of cufflinks can have on your formal look. The jewelry a woman wears with her gown makes her look all the more stunning, while a man’s cufflinks make him the highlight of the evening.

Top off your attire with cufflinks featuring a diamante or two, or a small bunch of crystals from tinsel town. Pairs with a base color of white, grey or black, which are all the rage these days.


The belt can’t be excessively fancy or it will end up overshadowing the suit. Also, it can’t be plain because that would give off a casual vibe

If you’re wearing a suit that belongs to the family of maroons and reds, go for a tan colored belt with a plain buckle. A suit that’s grey or black would naturally need a black belt. Don’t get overwhelmed in this case with the range of options out there: a decent buckle is all you need.

Anyone can put on a formal suit, but it takes a lot of effort to choose the right accessories to match formal outfits. Take your sweet time and use these suggestions as an accessory manual!