Sleepwear That Won’t Put Your Man to Sleep: Four Fashion-Friendly Bedtime Duds

Whether you’re starting to get serious with your significant other or you just want to look cute for a solo sleep session, a sleepwear makeover may be in order. According to Esquire Magazine, 44 percent of Americans go to bed wearing nothing but a smile– and I’d bet most of the remaining survey respondents are clad in oversized, five-year-old college t-shirts and equally aged underwear. If you want to put the “queen” in queen-size bed, here are four stylish alternatives to those coffee-stained, plaid pajama pants.

1. Silk Pajamas

Light, smooth, and effortlessly elegant, silk pajamas have a sexy, slimming effect on all shapes. Invest in a well-fitted pair– unlike cotton, silk pajamas won’t show signs of wear for several years, so they maintain that new look longer. You can show off your sexy, feminine side with silk shorts and a silk, lace trimmed cami or go for a comfy-casual look with silk pants and a matching button-up. Try the classic route with basic solid colors or mix it up with sassy animal prints, floral patterns, or polka dots.

2. Shorts and Camis

Looking for something a bit more casual? You can’t go wrong with the classic shorts and cami bedtime duo. With warm summer nights right around the corner, you’ll want bedtime attire that keeps you cool and cute from the bedroom to the breakfast table. Not to mention, you can wear them in front of your lover, friends, kids, and even your parents without the awkwardness a silk negligee.

3. Robes

Perfect for extra cozy coverage over your PJs or as a sexy standalone piece, robes are a bedtime staple that always fit and flatter. A waist tie allows you to trim your middle to show off your feminine curves, while a plunging neckline and high slit create a subtle “peek-a-boo.” Devoted commando-goers can use it as an easy cover-up for midnight bathroom breaks, while post-shower relaxers can simply slip it on with no awkward adjusting like with a towel.

4. Lingerie

You don’t have to go full-on Playboy bunny-style when you wear lingerie to bed. There are plenty of sexy and slightly-more-conservative lingerie items that are comfy enough to sleep in and capture his attention– you just need to know some of the more important tips for buying lingerie. Baby doll nighties are adorable options for a light, girly look, and you can’t go wrong with a silky slip. If you want to bare a little more skin without compromising comfort, slip into some soft boy shorts and a lacy bandeau bra for a bedtime-ready look.

It’s easy to neglect your bedtime attire because very few, if any, people will actually see what you wear from midnight to morning, but who doesn’t want to look cute just for the sake of looking cute? You might be surprised to find that some of these PJ possibilities are even more comfortable than your overly-washed t-shirts and chafe-inducing birthday suit. Besides, the pajama fashion trends on the horizon for 2013 might even have you showing off your new sleepwear on the streets.