Top Five Accessories for a Live Poker Tournament

Live poker tournaments can be a tricky event to prepare for. Many casinos that host them will have strict dress codes, and it’s always a good idea to dress to impress. Whether you’re stepping out with a bunch of friends for a casual night on the felt, or blasting through the chips against pros in some of the world’s most prestigious events, here are some accessories you must have to hand.

Beats by Dre Headphones


These flash and stylish headphones are popping up in the world of sport. In addition to San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick showing up in a commercial, all members of the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos who play in the Super Bowl are set to receive a diamond-encrusted pair worth £25,000.

If you’re therefore planning to get your foot tapping to some tunes between the table games, or if you simply want to block out the noise and stay focused, Beats by Dre headphones are an on-trend choice.

Oakley Sunglasses


Donning a pair of sunglasses while you play can really help to keep your poker face unreadable. Although blasted by GPI’s Player of the Decade Daniel Negreanu, many pros sport glasses in tournaments, including Greg Raymer and John Phan.

Oakley has become a favourite brand around the tables. In fact, poker legend Phil Hellmuth even has his own line of Oakley sunglasses, and his live tournament winnings are close to $18 million. They can’t be all that bad then.

Omega Watch


Many tournaments dish out expensive bracelets and watches as prizes, so flashing a bit of bling is always a good way to set yourself apart from the fishes. While luxury Swiss timepiece manufacture Slyde has been the official watch sponsor of the European Poker Tour and PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, another Swiss brand may help to channel your inner Bond.

Omega released a special update of its popular Seamaster Diver 300M to commemorate 50th anniversary of the Bond movie franchise, making it the perfect way to recreate your very own Casino Royale…but maybe with less terrorists. They’re not cheap though, so you better be banking on a big pile of winnings.

Designer Jacket


Whether it’s an Armani or a Calvin Klein, it’s always a good idea to bring a jacket along to any tournament. Come rain or shine, a smart looking blazer will always serve you well, and will show all your opponents that you mean business.

Although getting the right look is important, make sure you consider comfort above all things. Tournament games can stretch on for hours, so you want something that sits on you comfortably and will keep you warm if the temperature drops.

Chips Guard


You don’t always have to splash the cash to show your personality at a tournament. Every player should have a lucky chips guard by their side.

Available in a huge range of shapes, sizes and styles, chips guards will not only bring some extra good fortune to your game but they will also keep your chips right in front of you where they belong.