Tungsten: The Metal for the Man

imagesLooking for a good ring can be a very difficult and long drawn and finding the perfect ring is especially difficult. It is of no consequence if the sought after ring is a wedding ring, an engagement ring or a personal ring for a gift, they’re all difficult to get. So how does one know which ring to pick? When looking for a ring, people generally want something which looks great, feels good to wear and is durable enough to sustain the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Tungsten is proving to be a great alternative for people looking for something other than gold, silver or even platinum.

Tungsten: the new Gold, Silver or Platinum

Tungsten is listed as a transition metal in the periodic table and its characteristics make it an incredibly strong and tough metal. They’re increasing popularity can be accurately attributed to this fact. Tungsten rings are becoming in vogue for men as they represent masculine, strong, sleek and modern designs without the clichés of traditional jewelry; perfect for that ‘rockstar’ husband. Another reason why people choose Tungsten is because it has a higher degree of density as compared to gold or silver which makes it last for a much longer duration of time than gold. Pure gold, which is twenty four carat gold, is soft and can be scratched easily.

These rings also come in a variety of different colors. The natural color of tungsten is grey with a bit of a silver tone but they can be plated with other colors such as black. Black tungsten rings are becoming increasingly popular and many rings feature engravings and designs which are lettered into the ring reflecting on the level customization that can be achieved with such rings. People also choose to plate these rings with gold or blue colors in order to attract more attention or to suit their individual styles. A very important advantage of tungsten rings is that it is great for people who have a propensity for metal allergies and who feel irritated by the touch of metal on their skin. Tungsten is a hypoallergenic which really helps in solving many problems for such kinds of people.

A Longer Lasting Alternative

Different metals which are used in rings lose their shine and shape differently. For those who look for a metal which does not tarnish, rust or even patina, tungsten rings should do the trick since they are not prone to any of that. Even titanium and sterling silver are prone to tarnish and patina with time and they have to be regularly cleaned by a professional. Tungsten requires very little maintenance and that is another reason for them gaining popularity. Though it is generally seen as a male wedding ring metal, it is also gaining popularity within females as well.

Growing Demand

Since these rings are scratch-resistant, sturdier and stronger than other rings and because they do not lose their shine as easily as others do, tungsten rings are becoming all the rage. Their masculine look also appeals to men who do not want jewelry which is flashy and ornamental and prefer an understated look which is bespoke of men. It is also great for women as they can inlay it with different colors and patterns and customize it to no end thereby making it an extremely personal belonging. Wearing a tungsten ring means not being worried about handling heavy machinery because they may damage the ring, not having to take off the ring and place it in a safe place every time you have to do something with your hands.

If you are looking for a modern alternative for a ring, you should give tungsten rings some serious thought.


Rebecca Cartwright or Becky, as she likes to be called is a jewelry designer who has made jewelry which has won acclaim around the world. Becky is now concentrating her energy on designing tungsten rings as she feels the metal has brought along a fresh alternative to the proliferated market of gold and silver.