When is the right time to sell a Rolex watch?

imagesHaving made its first model in the formative years of the 20th century, Rolex’s many watches continue to be very popular. Along with the Submariner and the Explorer, other models that are owned by scores of people include the Day-Date and Datejust. Although Rolexes were largely bought in the 1980s by financial traders, they are now owned by people from all walks of life. Rolex watch is always symbolised with luxury and prestige. Over the last 50 years, Rolex watches have been associated to famous stars and celebrities. Paul Newman was iconic with a particular Rolex watch model which he wore in a movie called the winning. The Daytona Rolex watch was worn by Paul and made famous after that. A recent watch from the collection recently sold more millions in a US auction. Sports stars and movie stars also continue to endorse the Rolex watch brand making them more popular each day. As a result pre-owned Rolex watches are still in demand. If unsure when to do so, here’s when to sell a Rolex watch:

When money is urgently needed

The value of many Rolex models continues to increase, in particular when a Certificate of Authenticity and an official box is provided. As a result, the owner of a Rolex watch can be paid far more. When money is needed for an outstanding mortgage bill, a Rolex watch can be sold to the highest bidder. A Rolex watch can also be sold to pay for an overseas holiday. If many Rolexes are owned, an extended holiday can be enjoyed.

To boost a retirement fund

If there is less money than expected in a retirement fund, a Rolex watch can be sold. When a particularly rare Rolex watch is owned, it can be worth thousands of pounds. If a Rolex watch is sold on an internet auction site, its former owner can be paid within minutes. Although a cheque can be accepted, PayPal is an alternative. As PayPal is a very safe online payment system, bank details remain secure.

To pay for university tuition fees

As university tuition fees continue to rise, a college student can continue their studies when a Rolex watch is sold. Even when a Rolex watch isn’t rare, the cash that’s obtained can cover the tuition fees for a lengthy degree. If many models weren’t made, a Rolex watch can be sold for an even higher figure which, as a result, enables an undergraduate to study a post-graduate degree.

If wages have been cut

Many people in the UK have had to take a cut in their salary. The money that is lost can be replaced by selling a Rolex watch. Even if a salary was cut slightly, the money that’s obtained via the sale of a Rolex watch can be relied on for several years. If a salary is expected to be cut furthermore, the decision to sell a Rolex watch will help for a long time.

To pay for Christmas presents

As Christmas is very expensive, a Rolex watch can be sold in order to alleviate the financial pressures of this holiday. The money that’s obtained after selling a Rolex watch can be used not just for buying food but also presents. By choosing to sell Rolexes months before Christmas, the best possible quote can be picked and not the first one that’s given. When a lot of money is obtained through the sale of a Rolex watch, it can be used for buying every present. A family could even spend more than they have done previously because they have enough cash to do so.