Why a genuine Rolex watch is worth more than a fake model

indexRolex is one of the most widely recognised watch manufacturers in the world. Responsible for various achievements, such as the first watch to display both the time and date (Day-Date) as well as designing an entirely waterproof watch (Oyster), Rolexes are highly sought after. Many fake Rolexes are made in other countries than Switzerland where authentic models are manufactured. Sports stars such as Rodger Federer and Tiger Woods continue to make Rolex watches iconic with fashion and class. These high performance watches are symbolised with luxury and prestige and continue be worn by leading celebrities and sports stars. Rolex also sponsors most of the leading sporting events which continues to promote the brand to an elevated level. Rolex watches are always in demand and for those of us who cannot purchase one brand new, having this must have fashion accessories is still possible by purchasing Rolex watches pre-owned that have be owned by a previous owner. When wanting to sell a Rolex watch that is entirely genuine, it will be worth more than a fake model and here’s why:

Parts are made from strong materials

Only official parts are used for genuine Rolex watches. Made from strong and sturdy materials, the parts in an official Rolex watch are designed to last. The opposite applies with a fake model because flimsy materials are used instead. A genuine Rolex watch can even be worn for decades before its parts show any signs of wear and tear – fake models can break within days.

It makes no noise

Apart from a handful of models, an authentic Rolex watch is entirely silent. Popular with those who work in environments where minimal noise has to be made, such as a library, a genuine Rolex watch doesn’t make a sound. Even when a Rolex watch is listened to closely, it won’t make any noise. Fake Rolexes do produce a ticking noise which is very off-putting. As many people want to own a silent wristwatch, a genuine Rolex watch is usually worth a considerable sum of money.

They can rise in value

Fake Rolexes never rise in value but genuine Rolexes can become more valuable over the course of many years. When a Rolex watch is kept in its original box and is never worn, it will be worth even more in the future. Many people buy Rolexes as an investment. The price that is originally paid can increase twofold in a very short period of time. Rolexes are even owned by parents who will then pass them down to their children. Understandably, Rolexes are stored in safes that have a combination lock.

Genuine Rolexes don’t break underwater

Rolex watches are very popular with swimmers, in particular divers. Many Rolexes can be worn underwater at considerable depths. Some Rolexes, such as certain Submariner models, can be worn underwater at 400 metres. Members of the navy also wear Rolex watches. Even if a submarine dives deep underwater, their Rolex watch will still tell the time accurately. If a fake Rolex watch is worn instead, it will break because it isn’t able to cope with such conditions. The Submariner models that are specially designed for deep sea diving are highly sought after which, as a result, makes them more valuable. If its design allows it to survive deep underwater, this fact must be stated when wanting to sell a Rolex watch. As diving remains a popular sport around the world, its owner shouldn’t forget how deep underwater it can be worn at because there is bound to be a lot of interest in it.