Why selling a Rolex watch is a great idea

imagesAn alternative to digital watches that have a flimsy design which makes them more susceptible to damage, Rolexes are owned by countless people around the world. Symbolised with fashion, Rolex watches have been iconic watches for decades made famous throughout the world. With so many designer watch brands on the market such as Breitling, Cartier and Tag Heuer, Rolex continues to lead the pack. The watch brand has positioned itself as one of the world’s most famous luxury watch brands and celebrities, sporting stars and business men continue to purchase Rolex watches. For most of us this must have timepiece does not come cheap. Of course Rolex watches are constantly sold so they can be bought pre-owned. As owners treat them well, most second hand Rolex watches will be in mint condition. If the owner of a Rolex watch is considering selling it, here’s why they should:

It is worth a lot of money

A Rolex watch is viewed as an asset because it is usually worth thousands of pounds. When a considerable amount of money is required, such as to pay for outstanding mortgage payments or final demand utility bills, a Rolex watch can be sold. The decision to sell a Rolex watch can also be taken in order to pay for a mortgage on a first property. When a rare Rolex watch is sold, the money that is paid for it can even be substantial enough to buy a property outright and not just a mortgage.

Supporting documents are easy to obtain

When a Rolex watch is sold, supporting documents i.e. a Certificate of Authenticity must be provided. Even if they have been misplaced, a copy can be obtained from a jeweller or an official Rolex dealer. When a Rolex watch is serviced, a Certificate of Authenticity is given. By paying for a Rolex watch to be serviced, not only are any underlying faults resolved but this important document is obtained. As it typically takes a couple of days for a Rolex watch to be serviced, it could be sold soon after.

Official Rolex boxes can be bought

When wanting to sell Rolex watches, an official Rolex box must also be provided. As with a Certificate of Authenticity, an official box is easy to acquire because it can be bought on an internet auction site. When an official box is supplied, it can be sold for a lot of money. The box that is bought can even be older than a Rolex watch. A brand new Rolex box that isn’t damaged can also be owned.

Rolexes are constantly in demand

Unlike other luxury watch manufacturers, Rolex watches are always sought after, largely because it is recognised as a leading brand. When a Rolex watch is sold on an internet auction site, a high Reserve Price can be met. The companies that specialise in buying watches are always looking for Rolexes because of high demand. As a sizeable quote can be issued, choosing to sell a Rolex watch to a website will be very helpful, in particular if a quote is more than anticipated.

There are many ways to do so

When selling a Rolex watch, its owner has many options to choose from. As well as an internet auction site, such as EBay and Amazon, a Rolex watch can be sold via a newspaper advertisement or a pawn shop. Rolexes can even be sold to a website that buys luxury watches, such as Cartier and Breitling. By providing relevant information and entering it onto a form, a quote for a Rolex watch can soon be given by email or phone.