Why Women are In-love with Shoes?

Women are truly shoe lovers and it was proven long time ago. There are a lot of stories from the past that relates to shoes. On of the famous stories we all know is Cinderella. There is this shinning glass shoe that all princesses and even wives wanted to fit in. Also, there is this true to life story from the past certain Philippines Presidential wife of the 70’s has an immense collection of shoes. Most of her shoes are one of a kind and are made only for her. Some of her shoe collections are studded with diamonds and pearls that are now in possession of the national museums.

Those animated and real life stories only connote the same thing, women hearts will always beat for a pretty pumps and heels. So, science tries to explain this attitude of a woman when it comes to shoes.

One of their connotations, women buy fashionable and trendy shoes because of the mood boosting feeling. When a woman fits in a certain shoes and feels great, her neurotransmitter called dopamine is released. This is why a woman feels high good feeling that seems to be they are on ecstasy or whatever drug it may be.

Secondly, science says that a woman get to be in love with shoes, especially with those high heels, because of the height power. In our present culture, higher woman seems to get higher paying jobs, higher respect and elite looking physique. Therefore, more and more woman with average height tends to buy high heeled shoes just to become part of the society they think they are not belong to. They have this point of view that when you are actually wearing high heels, you literally raising your current status.

Third, most of the women on their stilettos feel hotter than hell as it is often associated with SEX. Scientifically speaking, when woman are in their heels, they promote the primal mating posture – “the LORDOSIS”. When we are in high stilettos, the normal body posture is broken; we tend to look like we are suffering from spinal disease known as lordosis. Women butts are more flexed and pointed backwards while their back arches. This sexy figure that stilettos promote gives idea to a woman wearing it that she is actually hot and sexy to every men eyes.


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