Your Essential Guide to the Top Bingo-Loving Celebrities around the World

Some of us may love hearing about the latest celebrity exploits, whilst others may like hearing about what celebrities have been up to just to prove that they have a world that is so dissimilar to ours. But whatever you may think about celebrities, here’s one fact you can’t deny: they are famous, and they are, more often than not, here to stay. People will always be fascinated with celebrities, and their actions and exploits will always have 15 minutes of fame.

But some celebrity exploits are not really all that ‘scandalous’ – in fact, they might even be considered to be quite tame. What’s surprising, for example, is how celebrities just love playing bingo, which makes them seem just like us ordinary mortals. So which celebrities love to play bingo? Here’s your essential guide to the top bingo-loving celebrities around the world – take note of it, as you never know who you might be playing against next time you play bingo online!

  • Robbie Williams

This UK singer of the popular band Take That has certainly gone solo in many ways. But when it comes to bingo, Robbie Williams loves playing with the crowd. In fact, Mr. Williams loves bingo so much that he’s one of the regular players of bingo competitions – and what’s more, whenever he wins, this big-hearted celebrity also gives his prize money to charity.

  • Catherine Zeta-Jones

There’s an interesting story behind Catherine Zeta-Jones and bingo. This award-winning actress of The Mask of Zorro and other blockbuster films has a long history with the game, in fact. In the 1980s, when she was still a wee lass, the Welsh actress’ family won a $100,000 bingo jackpot, which literally transformed their lives. Since then, Ms. Zeta-Jones has enjoyed a bingo game with her family every Christmastime, and hosts fabulous Hollywood bingo parties as well.

  • The Royal Family

When we mention the royal family, we really only mean two: HRH Queen Elizabeth and Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge. These two well-known and well-loved royals have been known to enjoy bingo games. Queen Elizabeth, for one, loves playing bingo with the family at private get-togethers, whilst Prince William, whilst still at the military academy in Sandhurst, frequented a local bingo hall with friends.

  • President Barack Obama

Former President Barack Obama is a well-loved, popular figure whom everyone in the world knows. But not everyone knows that President Obama is a fan of bingo, perhaps due in part to the influence of his step-mother, who reputedly adores the game.

With all the celebrities around the world who love bingo, don’t be surprised if you encounter one in your online bingo games one of these days. So when you play online bingo, keep a close eye on the other players – you never know which celebrity you might beat!

Image attributed to Stuart Miles/