Your Guide to Choosing Clothes for the Countryside

Buying clothes for a weekend getaway to the countryside does not have to be stressful. Sometimes the avalanche of offers coming from reputable brands makes your task a bit more difficult than you expected. It’s always good to try a new approach when it comes to choosing clothes. However, if you take into consideration that you need something comfortable and durable, the traditional way proves to be a better option in this case. This article aims to ease you into finding the right gear to enjoy your time spent in the middle of nature.

Wax jacket, the starting point

When you travel to the country, it is a must to have a jacket close at hand. Many people still prefer waxed cotton jackets. You can use them year after year because they are wear-resistant. Moreover, they have a particular quality that is highly appreciated: They protect you against thorns and insect bites, which can be particularly annoying. The main drawback of waxed materials is their lack of porosity. This means that the material cannot “breathe” and sweat remains inside, making the jacket a bit less warm. You might deal with some unpleasant odours, too.

It’s always good to have comfortable country clothing and footwear to wear during your outdoor adventures

Image attributed to Wikimedia Commons: Francis Flinch

Tweed, one of the best solutions

Tweed, made by weaving pure wool, is one of the most popular materials for country jackets. The fabric has a pleasant and soft touch, and it is also dense and tight. The disadvantage of old tweed coats is that the material becomes heavier and heavier when it rains, although the water cannot penetrate it. Many brands of country clothes have developed technology to increase durability and to avoid shrinkage from washing. These days, jackets made of light tweed are an excellent choice to combine comfort and good looks.

Pants, shirts, and skirts

One of your top priorities when selecting your country clothing should be interchangeability. You need clothes with neutral colours like beige, brown, or navy, which you can match with almost anything. It is better to give up on weaves like cotton or linen, which can wrinkle in your luggage, unless you count on having an iron nearby. Pants, shirts, and skirts made with synthetic blends are easy to carry, do not wrinkle, and can be worn in the morning, evening, and at night.

If you are going to a hot region, avoid dark colours, which retain heat. If the weather varies from hour to hour, choose clothes that can be worn in layers, such as cardigan sweaters for the cooler evenings and T-shirts for the warmer days.

The most important thing is to stick to a simple style which works great on the countryside. After all, you want to relax and feel good, not be overwhelmed with concerns like the colour of your dress or leg pains caused by high heels. You should take only your bread and butter to get the most of your countryside experience.